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Welcome to Sutton Martial Arts Academy

Our Introductory classes are a gentle approach to what lies ahead in your future Martial Arts training, you go at your own pace and set your own bench marks, if you've never done a push up in your life, you doing one is your own personal achievement!! YOU'LL LOVE IT!!

Martial Arts is a fun way of getting fit, toned, confident and learning a new skill set, maybe one that you yourself may pass on to others!!

Don't be scared! Our instructors are all fully qualified and very friendly. All of our Basic programme classes are non-contact and even on the advanced there is no need to feel nervous or embarrassed.

Why Study Martial Arts

Selecting a martial art that is right for you is the most important decision you can make. You want an activity that you are comfortable with, but at the same time challenges you mentally and physically.

  • If you were put into a situation where you had to defend yourself or your family, would you have the confidence and training to do so?
  • If your kids were being teased or bullied, would they have the confidence and self-esteem necessary to withstand it, and the training to defend themselves only if necessary?
  • Are your children involved in an activity that reinforces rather than undermines the lessons of respect, etiquette, discipline, and positive thinking that you teach them at home?
  • Do inspiring, positive, and respect-worthy role models surround you and your kids?
  • Does your current exercise programme burn fat, build muscle, stretch tissue and joints, and teach you valuable life skills all at once?